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I was inspired enough to dash and get the new Mac Book Air this summer, having waited too long before restarting my blog. The problem is that I did not calculate enough time to actually use it : just answering daily e-mails and it’s already midnight. It did not help me to start November in bed with a fever, for two weeks. It’s as if I had only 14 days that month. And it’s almost Christmas! How are you all doing? Horror, no tree in sight at home, nothing is yet prepared. Just, I did buy Christmas cards, and that, in November! I used to watch stands of X’mas cards appearing too early, at the end of autumn. But as we started to guess that in December we are rarely all at home to sign the cards together, I just wish to avoid sending or giving cards with only two signatures, regretting, kind of incomplete wishes from us. So the plan is perfect, though the practice is another matter… I am far from… Besides. Then how, you might ask me, I had restarted my blog a week ago. It’s just because I was, and I am, writing in the train that I regularly take to go to teaching twice a week. First I thought no use of the Mac Book in the train without wi-fi. There will be no space to open it with the carriage so full. The laptop as light as the air becomes heavy when I have copies of musics in my bag… But for the first time, a week ago, I needed it for the work so I took it. And there I am, it’s not bad, to spend time! In 70 minutes of journey one way, which adds up to 280 minutes per week, usually I read a book, fill my diary or take a nap. But when I had enough of reading, enough of planning, and enough of even taking a nap?! I feel dead to bore and wish that I brought my knitting with me(imagine my huge piece of cardigan in progress with needles in my bag). That is when I dream of a new iPhone which might let me watch Youtubes with my headphone on. My courageous iPhone4 holds the two vital applications of metronome and temperament tuning, and there is no place even for the FB, so don't speak about videos. I enjoy watching and putting photos on the Instagram. Lucky that it takes almost no space. But that’s all I can do with it. (I telephone too, that's true) People suggests me to use “What’s up” too, but for all that I will need to discuss the matter with Mr. iPhone Four. They are great innovations but it is terrible to handle with all their chargers and electric plugs. Looking after each of electronics day by day, to be sure that they are fully charged and ready to last the day! Sometimes I am completely lost not to know what is the right cord of whatever the thing is. Among them the MacBook is the most familiar “keyboard” to me. I had a great chance to have been able to purchase it (it’s my second MB Air). It has been fun and my long train journey was so quick writing this (I just arrive in Brussels)! See if I can continue doing it ;) Have a nice week to you all!


One day I was sending my London friend a beautiful lipstick, a Christmas limited edition, bought in a cosmetic shop called MAC, by post. The envelope was small and I could not slip in the glittering lip shaped sticker which came with it. By the same Irish name, it's sort of same family I thought and I just stuck it onto my still quite new MacBook Air. Next moment the MacBook Air was dead. Nothing happend when I tapped the power on. It came back repeared one week later under garantee. But what has happened to it... the effect that huge fluffy lip sticker could have done electronically...?

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