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In latin, FILIÆ means "daughters".

Like the Japanese song "Sakura", there is an Easter Gregorian chant starting "O filii et filiæ", and it is the title. Not just for meanings of "sons (filii)" and "filles (daughters)", I found the name Filiæ pretty, for its big joy of Easter and the feeling of hope.

In April 2015, we had a chance to play during the Easter service in the Brussels' Cathedral. I thought I could start a group even to continue afterwards, with high voices which are often the formation for Easter works.

I contacted quickly Élisabeth, Tatiana and Laura. I liked their way of doing music and their voices as well as the instruments' timbres. Luckily they gave me positive answers without hesitation.

But not all of their diaries did. So Élisabeth and I were the ones who started the group.

We needed some help though and we played our joker asking our children and a boyfriend of one of them: the filii and the filiæ of Filiæ played the violin and the trumpet with us for the Easter office!

Filiæ is now in their sixth year.

Happy to be together, we feel mature as a group.

Specially, the project in 2019 of the CD which is dedicated to the composer, François Couperin gave us an occasion to work the French Baroque style in depth.

In the beginning, we thought harder music couldn't exist on earth.

Then we got the grip of it and did perform quite a lot, during concerts and meditations, with big bravo to our sopranos!

Laura, the instrument player always helps us with her great experience as the recorder and the gamba player.

She is our Baroque specialist.

As an organist I am used to play constantly five centuries of music.

Élisabeth and Tatiana too, they sing really all kinds of songs.

As a group we said : Baroque ! And spicifically, French.

And to interprete it, we have some different possibilities.

So we have spent five years to look for our style, with the instrumental and the chamber music know-how of Laura, the dynamism of Tatiana who directs choirs at different hours, and the rhetorical power of Élisabeth who is talented in speech and in theatre.

More than one year has passed without concerts now, leaving our group on a long holiday.

When I happened to talk with one of them, I heard phrases like:

- oh, the trip to Japan was gorgeous.

- my family is ready for another one !

- when is our next tour to Japan ?

And I feel impressed to see that neither being five long years together neither having done four families trip to Japan of more than two weeks together neither the most complicated French music writings had not discouraged us.

Hoping to go furher, in the second half of 2021, Filiæ challenges the super contenporary : the 21th century music !!

When I told members of Filiæ that the composer and my dear husband Xavier Deprez, has been prolific during the confinement and many works were waiting to be played, Laura gave a go to the project : we are going record a CD of his works !!

In the evening, as soon as I told my husband our intention and initiative, he looked perplexed.

The thing was, we had no other creative work to do at that time, during that thick and concrete confinement!

This was how the new CD project was born, now not only by ourselves, but with many other musicians.

All the works of the CD are going to be beautiful.

That's all what I can say today :)

The members of Filiæ are confident of the good outcome at the end of our planned works.

Please go and look if you like, to see what are our concerts till the end of this year:


Thank you for your support, and I hope to see you soon!


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